Susannah Morriss Linnett

Tex*Rep President 2016-2018

President's Message

Tex*Rep is now starting its 27th season and as we review our past shows, we reflect on our mission of quality theatre produced…performed…promoted and supported by the residents of the Texarkana Area. As always, we thank you, the community, for your continued support of live theatre in Texarkana.

To those who might not be familiar with Texarkana Repertory Company, we are a non-profit organization that provides ‘your community’s theatre’ at the Stillwell on the Texarkana College campus. We collaborate with the Texarkana College students for two out of the four shows we have per season. We showcase local talent by holding auditions open to the community for each show and Michael Cooper, who has been our artistic director for 25 years, continues to create shows that the community can laugh, cry, and learn from. Our famous Drama Camp is designed to give young people the opportunity to appreciate theatre arts by learning certain skills and techniques. We also prepare students for life by emphasizing team building, responsibility and self-confidence!

Involvement in Tex*Rep is for all ages. Students, young people, middle aged adults and older can be a part of musicals with large casts or plays with small ensembles. Whether an acting part, stage manager, scenic and prop builder, or techie, putting on these shows doesn’t happen overnight, and we would love your help and support if interested in theatre arts.

This year we are “Part of Your World” Starting off with Disney's The Little Mermaid, then Rabbit Hole, The Outsiders and ending with Peter & the Star Catcher.  We will be visiting a far away island with Madagascar for Drama Camp this summer, as well.  It’s exciting to come together in a wonderful theatre and appreciate those we perhaps are familiar with in the community become a different character on the stage and act out a story for us to enjoy.

Personally, I have seen the impact of Tex*Rep.  As a child, my love for theatre grew as I helped with sets and props alongside my father, participated in shows, learned the importance of and love for the backstage crew.  Everyone can have a place in theatre, you can use your own special skills to enhance the art and community that Tex*Rep brings to Texarkana.  And what a better organization to get involved with than Tex*Rep: Your Community’s Theatre.  I am thrilled that I am a product of the hard work and vision that the group had all those years ago:  To grow theatre for future generations by saying, “Let’s do show!”.  So as president, I ask that you support Tex*Rep by becoming a member, attending the performances, sending a child to drama camp, and lending a hand to build sets.  You are welcome to come audition, too.  Please keep in touch with our website and become a Tex*Rep member to receive first-hand the scoop on these great opportunities!

Get on board and enjoy this 27th season with us!